More resources for your production -
we take care of a long plant availability

A reliable and fail-proof production, an optimal performance and an excellent return on investment. You can count on us!

Your investments have to pay off as fast and permanent as possible. Your plants have to be available round the clock.

Pass on tasks and work, which are not belonging to your core business.

With regards to the whole life-cycle, we offer our customers reliable and efficient plant management. We work with com-prehensive maintenance concepts to disburden our customers from
operational tasks. At the same time, we assure and develop our 
customers´own competitiveness in the longterm.

Our services:

Plant / line operation

  • Operational management of auxiliary equipments:
    • Power plants
    • Steam-, pressurized-air- and cooling devices
  • Plant contracting
  • Procurement


Plant optimization

  • Project development
  • Conception 
  • Cost estimation
  • Planning of new modules
  • Design of new modules
  • Disassembling
  • Disposal of old modules

Your advantages:

  • Maximum plant availability and performance
  • Excellent operating safety


  • Optimal security of investment
  • Durability of your systems and equipment
  • Concentration on your core business

99 days incident-free with own personal  |  645 days incident-free incl. sub-personal

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