Working Team NAMUR

We are member of the working team NAMUR

NAMUR is an international user association of automation technology in process industries.

NAUMR is engaged in the following key activities:

  • pooling experiences among its member companies
  • compiling check lists for member companies and using synergy effects
  • setting user requirements on new devices, systems and technologies
  • participating in national and international standard-ization bodies

NAMUR is active in the fields of

  • measurement systems
  • process analytics
  • process control systems
  • communication systems
  • operations management
  • operational logistics systems
  • electrical engineering

over the entire life-cycle of systems, including their planning, installation and operation as well as their shutdown.

NAMUR represents approx. 15 000 PCS experts, of whom approx. 300 are active in the 46 working groups that cover the fields of measurement and control, automation, communication, process control and electrical engineering over the entire life-cycle of systems, including planning, procurement, installation, operation as well as maintenance and decommissioning.

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